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BAB Framework Generator

BAB stands for “Before – After – Bridge”, it’s a popular copywriting formula used to engage and persuade readers.

  1. Before
    The copywriter starts by painting a picture of the reader’s problem or status quo. This is where you empathize with the reader’s current situation or problem. The aim is to make the reader feel understood. For example, “Are you tired of wasting your precious time on tedious data entry tasks?”
  2. After
    This is where you show the reader what life could be like after their problem is solved or if they had your product or service. This is designed to make them want to change their current situation. For example, “Imagine if you could free up hours in your day, and spend that time on tasks that really move the needle.”
  3. Bridge
    This is where you introduce your product or service as the solution to the problem, the bridge that will take them from ‘before’ to ‘after’. You should clearly explain how your product or service works, and why it’s the best solution. For example, “Our new software automates data entry, saving you hours of manual work. By handling these tasks for you, it can give you time back to focus on growing your business.”

What makes a good BAB Copywriting Framework?

A good BAB Copywriting Framework should be:

  1. Relatable
    The ‘Before’ stage should accurately reflect the problem or situation your potential customer is facing. They need to feel that you understand them.
  2. Desirable
    The ‘After’ stage should paint a picture that is not just better than ‘before’, but ideally, it should be a significant improvement that is highly desirable.
  3. Believable
    The ‘Bridge’ needs to be believable. It’s where you showcase your product or service as the solution. It should be logical and credible, and ideally, backed up by evidence or testimonials.
  4. Clear and concise
    The entire framework should be easy to understand. Avoid jargon and keep your language simple and clear.
  5. Engaging
    The framework should be engaging to keep the reader’s interest. This could be achieved through storytelling, using emotional language, or presenting interesting facts or statistics.
  6. Focused on benefits
    Make sure to highlight the benefits of your product or service, not just its features. This helps the reader to visualize the positive impact it can have on their life or business.
  7. Action-oriented
    Finally, a good BAB copywriting framework should conclude with a clear and compelling call to action, encouraging the reader to take the next step.