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Long Paragraph Generator

A “Long Paragraph” can refer to a lengthy section of writing, typically one that forms part of a larger piece. This paragraph often contains several sentences that revolve around a certain point or idea. The length of a paragraph can vary but a long one typically exceeds five sentences.

Creating a good long paragraph involves several key elements:

  1. Unity
    Every sentence in your paragraph should be related to one main point or idea. This is also often referred to as the ‘controlling idea’, because it controls and dictates what can and can’t be included in the paragraph.
  2. Coherence
    This is the trait that makes the paragraph easily understandable to a reader. Coherence is achieved through organizing your points logically and maintaining a consistent point of view throughout the paragraph.
  3. A Topic Sentence
    A good paragraph often begins with a topic sentence that sets out the main point you’ll discuss. The rest of the paragraph expands on this point.
  4. Supporting Details
    These are the additional information, arguments, evidence, or descriptions that support the main point of your paragraph.
  5. Concluding Sentence
    A good long paragraph usually ends with a concluding sentence that wraps up the main point, and leads to the next idea or ends the discussion if it is the final paragraph.
  6. Transitions
    Smooth transitions between sentences and ideas are crucial in creating a paragraph that flows smoothly and is easy to read. This can include transition words, phrases or even a sentence that connects the idea of the paragraph to the rest of the writing.

Remember, a long paragraph should still be concise and to the point. Each sentence should serve a purpose in advancing your overall argument. Even though it is a long paragraph, unnecessary waffling or filler text can make it difficult for your reader to follow your point and stay engaged.