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Resignation Letter Generator

A “Resignation Letter” is a formal written notice announcing the intention to leave a position with a current employer. It is usually addressed to a supervisor or other HR staff member and provides details about the individual’s upcoming departure. The main purpose is to create an official record and to maintain good terms with the employer, even though one is choosing to leave.

Here are some key elements that make a good resignation letter:

1. Statement of Resignation
The letter should clearly state that you’re leaving your position and when your last working day will be. This date should be at least two weeks from the date you hand in your resignation to allow for transition time, as per standard professional courtesy.

2. Reason for Leaving (Optional)
While not mandatory, it’s usually helpful to include a reason for your departure. This could be a new job, going back to school, personal reasons, etc. However, ensure that the reasons you provide do not burn bridges with your current employer.

3. Thanks and Appreciation
A resignation letter should express gratitude for the experiences and opportunities that have come your way during your time with the company. This helps maintain a positive relationship with your former employer.

4. Offer Assistance
To ensure a smooth transition, offer your help during the interim period. This could involve training a replacement, or finishing up certain projects or tasks.

5. Contact Information
Even after leaving, it’s important to provide a way for your employer to contact you, should they need to discuss anything related to your time of employment with them.

6. Professional Tone
The letter should be written in a professional manner, regardless of your reasons for leaving or feelings towards the company.

7. Signature
Don’t forget to sign and date the letter.

Remember, a good resignation letter can help you leave on good terms and maintain professional relationships that may be beneficial in the future.