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Paragraph Completion Generator

“Paragraph Completion” is a part of English comprehension tests, often found in several competitive examinations. In this exercise, a paragraph with a missing sentence is given and the examinee needs to complete it by choosing the most appropriate sentence from the given options. The aim is to test one’s understanding of the context, theme, and structure of the paragraph.

To accomplish good “Paragraph Completion”, several skills are required:

  1. Understanding the context
    It’s important to understand the theme of the paragraph before deciding the correct sentence to fill the gap. The context is built by the surrounding sentences and the general theme of the paragraph.
  2. Cohesion and coherence
    Cohesion is the grammatical and lexical linking within a text, while coherence refers to the understanding or meaningfulness of the text. A good paragraph completion maintains both cohesion and coherence, where the sentences flow logically and smoothly.
  3. Predicting the content
    This skill can be helpful when the options given are close or similar. By predicting the further content of the paragraph, one can choose the best fit.
  4. Grammar and Vocabulary knowledge
    A strong understanding of grammar and vocabulary can help in choosing the correct sentence, especially when it comes to the usage of linking words or phrases.
  5. Practicing Reading
    Regular reading can greatly improve comprehension skills and the ability to understand the flow of the text. This can boost confidence and accuracy in “Paragraph Completion” tasks.

So, a good “Paragraph Completion” is one that fits perfectly within the context, maintains the flow of the paragraph, uses the correct grammar and vocabulary, and does not disturb the coherence of the text.